Finding the right toilet for your home is not as easy as it seems. Many homeowners do not rank their household toilet very high on the list of priorities. However, the toilet is often the centerpiece of most bathrooms – it is a key fixture of a modern and well-functioning home. When building a home, … Continue reading ALL TOILETS ARE NOT ALIKE!


Have you ever experienced a loud hammering noise or pipe rattling in your walls or ceiling? The noise is not only a nuisance but can be quite alarming, especially if you are unsure about what it is. This fairly common sound is referred to as “Water Hammer,” and it occurs when you quickly close a … Continue reading WATER HAMMER

Water Heaters

You’ll never have to go without hot water again Safe procedures Our team is committed to working safely with natural gas or electric water heaters. You’re GUARANTEED to be blown away by the quality of work our skilled professionals offer you. We’ll never take chances with your safety. We’re not happy with our work until … Continue reading Water Heaters


Bring your ideas to us and we’ll bring them to life Complete remodeling solutions We have the experience and equipment you need to make your dream bathroom a reality. From tub and shower replacements to fixtures and faucets, there’s nothing we can’t handle. You’ll always get the best service and lowest rates in town when … Continue reading Remodeling

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Drain problems can be very difficult to handle, especially if the drains are clogged to the point where a backup may occur. Imagine if water that is supposedly in the sewers already comes back up your toilet, bathtub, or even your shower. What a mess! Darwyn’s Plumbing can help get your clogs get unclogged!

Plumbing Services

No matter what your plumbing needs, you can count on Darwyn’s Plumbing to provide you with quality professional plumbing services. No job is too big or too small – from the leaky toilet, to the bursting sewer pipe – we fix it all!  Whether you need new plumbing equipment installed or existing equipment repaired, we’re … Continue reading Plumbing Services

Water Heaters

There are now more options available to homeowners than ever before when it comes to the appliances that they use in their homes. Take the water heater, for instance. Whereas the tank water heater once used to be all but your only option, the tankless water heater and heat pump water heater are both now … Continue reading Water Heaters


Home improvement and home remodeling can be either costly or inexpensive depending on what you want to do. It adds value to the sale price of your home and can bring added selling points to it, but most of all, updated comfort. You can remodel just about any room but certain things are the most … Continue reading Remodeling