Why is the Toilet Running at My O'Fallon, IL Home?

Why is the Toilet Running at My O'Fallon, IL Home?

O'Fallon IL toilet bowl

How Can I Stop My Toilet from Constantly Running?

Your toilet is making that noise, the one where it won’t stop running. Now, on top of keeping you awake at night, it’s probably going to cause your water bill to soar. By examining the inner workings of the toilet, you may be able to find out why it’s running and make all these problems disappear in O’Fallon, IL.

Check the toilet flapper for damage

A cracked or decaying flapper can keep your toilet running. The flapper seals water in the tank. When you flush, the water exits through the bottom of the tank, which fills again. However, if the flapper is damaged, the water keeps leaking out the bottom of the tank, which never fills.

Check the chain

When you check the toilet flapper, make sure the chain is long enough to allow the flapper to seal properly. However, if your chain is too long, it may be getting stuck under the flapper, causing the toilet to run.

toilet tank in O'Fallon IL

Check the toilet tank float ball and arm

The big plastic balloon inside your tank is a float ball, and it connects to float arm. The float ball rises when the water refills after a flush. It may not be operating correctly, causing the water to continue running.

If the running stops when you lift the float arm, you’re close to isolating the problem. This means the float ball is too low to stop the water. This could be because the ball rubs against the tank. Bend the float arm very slightly to keep it from catching on the tank wall. If the ball doesn’t touch the tank wall, it’s probably cracked, and you should replace the float ball.

Replacing the toilet

If at any time, you see cracks inside or outside the tank or bowl, it’s time to bring in O’Fallon, IL professional plumbers for a toilet replacement. If you aren’t sure whether the toilet needs to be replaced, call the experienced plumbers at Darwyn’s Plumbing. We’ll come assess the situation and work with you on any needed toilet repair.