Most common toilet problems for Collinsville, IL homeowners

Most common toilet problems for Collinsville, IL homeowners

common toilet problems Collinsville ILHere are the most common toilet problems that must be repaired

When it comes to our house, the toilet is not a part of the home you’re thinking a whole lot about, unless something has gone wrong. However, when something does go wrong, you may not have any clue what to do next because you’ll have no idea what’s actually wrong. While it’s never a bad idea to call a local plumber to handle the problem quickly, there are a few things you can check and try to fix on your own. But remember – don’t get in over your head – call a pro if you don’t know!

Most Common Toilet Problems/Fixes

Running Toilet – One problem that’s fairly easy to fix on your own is a running toilet. This happens when the flapper isn’t correctly sitting on the opening of the flush valve, which is at the bottom of your tank. This means that water will continue to run because your tank will not fill up enough to turn the water off.  This happens when the chain is broken, or the chain is too long or too short. You can fix this problem by replacing the flapper or simply adjusting the chain length.

Loose Flush Handle – A loose flush handle can be an annoying problem, but it’s also easy to fix. One problem could be that it’s disconnected from the life chain that’s inside the tank. To fix, simply reattach the chain at the correct length. Another problem could be a loose mounting, which can usually be fixed by tightening a nut.

Leaking Toilet – Do you routinely find puddles of water around your toilet? This could be caused by a few problems. First, the wax ring that sits under the base of your toilet could be worn away or damaged. This is a job you can do yourself with the right tools, but it’s easier to call a plumber. Another problem could be a loose plumbing line, which may need to be adjusted or replaced. Monitor your toilet while it’s flushing to find the source of the leak.

clogged toilet problems Collinsville IL

Clogged Toilet – A clogged toilet can be a messy problem. However, with a plumber or drain snake, you can clear those clogs and get your system moving again. Unfortunately, if those fail to clear the clog, it means that it’s located deeper in your system, and you’ll have to call a plumber to get it out!

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