Tips for a bathtub or shower replacement at your Fairview Heights, IL home

Tips for a bathtub or shower replacement at your Fairview Heights, IL home

Things to know before you start this project!

Remodeling a bathroom? Ready to replace your outdated shower or bathtub? This is a common job that people in the Fairview Heights, IL area want to have done when they decide to remodel their homes.  The idea of replacing the shower or bathtub helps people imagine a whole new space that they’re proud to show off to family and friends. However, it’s not just as simple as replacing the bathtub or shower with a new one. There’s measuring to be done and decisions to be made before anything can take place. With that in mind, here are a few tips that you should keep in yours while you’re going throughout the shower replacement process!

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Measure Accurately

The first tip is to measure accurately. It’s the easiest, most obvious tip that we can give, but it’s vitally important. The truth is, you’re likely spending quite a bit of money on a new bathroom and the labor needed to install everything correctly. Can you really afford the extra time and money because you measured incorrectly? Most homeowners are on a budget and could barely afford the change in price, especially considering most people spend near their budget anyway. Measure twice and measure accurately for the best results!

Consider Materials

The next tip is to seriously consider the materials that you’ll use. The materials that you choose have major implications for cost, maintenance, appeal and much more. While you may be drawn to certain materials such as tile, it’s important to research a range of materials that you can use and evaluate them for durability, appeal, resistance to mold and more. It’s a much tougher decision than just choosing the most aesthetically pleasing material.

Remodeling Alternatives

Another tip – consider alternatives. While you may want to do this big bathroom remodel with all new shower, it may not be the best option for you, or you may come up short on the money it takes to get the project done. However, there are alternatives such as pre-fitted tubs and showers that can fit right over the top of your old one. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy your new shower while saving on the cost of labor!

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Hire a Professional

This is the best tip that we can give because it’s the only way to ensure yourself a bathroom that you’re truly enamored with. While you may be able to complete the work yourself, hiring a professional allows you to oversee the project while you let someone else worry about the fine details. Furthermore, hiring a professional helps avoid shoddy workmanship and code violations that could void a homeowners insurance policy and cause problems down the road!

Locate Water Supply

If you’re bent on completely renovating your bathroom, it’s important to note where the water supply is and figure out what work will need to be done to accommodate the new shower or bathtub. Whether you’re moving the location or just need to make sure your new shower or bathtub will fit, locate and evaluate the suitability of the water supply before you set any plans in stone.

Stay on Budget

It’s your bathroom – you won’t be entertaining guests, preparing meals or doing anything glamorous in here. With that in mind, it’s important to stay on budget for your project. Don’t test your financial limits for a room that you’ll see comparatively little of. Everyone wants a beautiful new bathroom, but keep your finances in order, first!