Tools Needed to Make Sure You Can Prevent Having A Clogged Toilet

Tools Needed to Make Sure You Can Prevent Having A Clogged Toilet

Having Clogged Toilet Troubles in Belleville, IL?


Let’s face it, clogged toilets are one of the biggest inconveniences that anyone could possibly experience. Having a clogged toilet happens unexpectedly and could also make anyone panic.  The good news is that clogged toilets can be an easy fix with the right kind of tools. Especially depending on the reasons for the clog. Try these simple steps at fixing your clog and seeing if it is not as bad as it could be. If your clogged is worse or you are not able to fix it after these certain tips, calling your local plumber will be the best step to go about.

Plumbing Auger or Drain Snake:

Both inexpensive tools can be found at a local hardware store that can often be just what you need to unclog your toilet. These items will dislodge the clog, snag the item, and bring it out of the drain. With this, this can be an easy and simple fix to your toilet. If you can see any part of the object that may be stuck, this is even easier for you. Especially with these different tools. Using an auger or drain snake can also work on not only toilets but tubs and sinks. Purchasing one of these tools can almost be a simple win-win situation. Having these two tools can also make a clog not seem as intimidating.

Toilet Plungers For Clogged Toilets:

clogged toilet

Using a toilet plunger is usually someone’s first instinct when you notice that your toilet is clogged. A good plunger can create a tight seal around the drain of the toilet to get your bowl unclogged. If you are a homeowner, having a plunger is simply essential. Having one next to the toilet or in a closet in the bathroom so one could get to it easily is a must. When using a plunger, one tip to know when trying this on your own is to make sure that you turn off the water of the toilet.

Once you do this, use the plunger in a downward motion to plunge until anything that is stopping is being released and the water flows down easily. Also, make sure to turn the water back on and flush to make sure that it stays that way. The key tip is not to go too fast and use force to get the clog out. Try not to speed up your process because this could worsen the clog. Repeat these steps if you still notice that there is a clog. If what you are doing is still not working, it may be best to try and call your local and trusted plumber.

Natural Cleaners:

Natural cleaners that are made with a concentrated mix of bacteria can also break down the water in your toilet. Keeping a bottle on the shelf and using it periodically can also help avoid the clog and clear a minor clog. With this certain method, patience is a must, unlike a toilet plunger and an auger snake, these certain chemicals need hours in order to work. After a few hours, your toilet should be ready to use.


Minor Clogs in your home can often be fixed with a simple DIY fix. These drains that are repeatedly clogged or even slowed down may be a sign of even a bigger problem. If you are needing a fix for a bigger problem, this may be the time to call your local plumber at Darwnys Plumbing.