3 Reasons Why Your Toilet Won’t Stop Running in Collinsville Illinois

If you have a problem with your toilet running in Collinsville, Illinois, it is important to work out the root cause so you can get it fixed. A running toilet can result in your water bills skyrocketing, so you need to investigate as soon as possible.

You can tell that your toilet is running simply by listening to the sound it makes. After you flush, it is normal to hear water running for a while. This noise normally stops after a minute or two, once the toilet water tank gets full. If the sound continues, there is a problem with your toilet that needs to be diagnosed and fixed.

Here are three reasons why you might be experiencing this common plumbing problem in Collinsville, Illinois.

1. The Fill Valve is Faulty or Misadjusted

A toilet fill valve controls how much water enters the top tank to refill it after you flush. Often, a fill valve is a floating device that sits in the water tank, although sometimes it takes the form of a cylinder that fills with water.

Fill valves must be set at the correct fill height to prevent a toilet from continuously running. If you know where to find your fill valve, you might be able to adjust it to the correct setting. If adjusting the fill valve does not help or you do not feel confident fiddling with it yourself, call a plumber who can adjust or replace the fill valve for you.

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2. The Fill Tube is Leaking

A fill tube is a device that replaces water into your toilet bowl after you flush. It allows water to flow from the top tank into the bowl until the water level in the toilet bowl returns to normal. If this tube springs a leak or becomes dislodged allowing water to leak out, the toilet will continuously run in an attempt to refill the tank. However, the tank will never get full as the faulty tube allows water to constantly leak out. This can prevent your toilet from ever achieving a decent flush power, as well as making an annoying noise.

Replacing a fill tube is a job that is often best left to a professional plumber. Toilet fill tubes can be difficult to access, depending on the design of your toilet. A professional plumber in Collinsville, IL can install a new fill tube and seal it up to ensure it cannot leak.

3. The Flapper is Damaged

A toilet flapper is a device that allows water to exit the toilet tank and then forms a seal to keep the rest of the water in place. If the flapper is damaged, it cannot create a proper seal, which leads to the toilet running continuously. A plumber can quickly and easily replace the flapper to prevent the toilet from wasting water.

For people who do not know much about plumbing, it is not always easy to tell why a toilet won’t stop running. If you hear your toilet making a continuous sound of running water, the best thing to do is to call a trusted local plumber in Collinsville, Illinois. The plumber can quickly find out what the problem with and repair or replace faulty parts in your toilet to allow it to work properly again.