What Temperature Should a Hot Water Heater Be Set to in my Belleville, Illinois Home?

A hot bath after a long day at work can be an excellent way to unwind and soothe sore muscles and tired feet. But if the temperature of your water is too cold, you might find your soak more uncomfortable than relaxing. One way to avoid this problem is to turn up your hot water heater so the water will cool down more slowly. However, turning the temperature up too much can raise your risk of burns or scalds.

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Compromising for Comfort and Usability

Most hot water heaters have a temperature setting range of between 95 and 150 degrees. The recommended setting for most homeowners, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is 120 degrees, which represents just about the midpoint of the heating range. Although some plumbing professionals feel that 130 degrees is the more appropriate setting, hot enough to sanitize and clean but not so high that it will scald you.

In truth, the temperature you set on your water heater should change based on your needs and environment at the time, so your “ideal” temperature setting will change occasionally.

Kid-Centric Home Considerations

If you have young children, keeping your Belleville, Illinois, home safe is a primary concern. This requires careful consideration of the temperature setting on your water heater. Water temperatures higher than 140 degrees can easily scald your child. With children in the home, you should keep your heater set between 120-130 degrees and turn it up only when washing whites or other items that need to be sanitized.

Tankless Water Heaters and your Water Temperature

If you have a tank water heater, it can be tedious to change the water temperature every time you need to use water above 140 degrees for cleaning, sanitizing, or other uses. In this case, a tankless water heater, or on-demand water heater, might be a good option for your home. With on-demand water heaters, your plumbing lines are diverted into a small heating system mounted near the faucet, tub, or appliance. Because it is localized to one or two lines, a tankless system allows you to set the temperature there based on how you will be using that water source. You can set your washing machine setting to 140 or higher and your tub or faucet connection to a much lower temperature.

Cost Savings of Keeping Temperatures Low

Setting your hot water heater to a lower temperature setting can save you from paying huge Belleville, Illinois, water and electric bills and also allow you to be more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Heating a 40-gallon tank of water takes a lot of energy. Once heated, your tank has to keep that water at the same temperature until you use it. This works well when you need a lot of hot water at one time, but it can be wasteful if your household is smaller or you use hot water sporadically during the week. Keeping your tank temperature set on a lower setting may mean you have to wait a few extra minutes if you need hot water for sanitizing or showering. Still, it will save you money on utility bills and energy usage.

Hot Water Heater in Belleville Illinois Area

The temperature you choose for your Belleville, Illinois, hot water heater should be based on your personal preference, household needs, and ages of those who live in the household. Installing a tankless water system can provide you the flexibility of choosing your hot water temperature settings based on what that particular line is being used. If you’d like more information on the best way to use your hot water tank to save money, call your local plumbing professionals at Darwyn Plumbing.