sump pump

As we all know, this type of year in Granite City, IL leads to heavy rains, which can lead to some flooding in some areas. A properly working sump pump makes all the difference in whether your home stays safe during the torrential rains during these spring storms. If you are able to test your […]

Sewer Line

When it comes to being an O’Fallon, IL homeowner, you have all experienced a clogged drain in your home at one point or another. While a clogged pipe can be a huge pain, it’s good to know that something like this can be easily fixed. However, when every drain begins backing up at one time, […]

water heater

When it comes to a Belleville, IL home’s typical water heater, if they’re either gas or electric, they should last around eight to twelve years if you are taking good care of them. Even knowing this, there is always a possibility that the tank or valves can leak. If this does happen, the better news […]


Have you ever heard a strange noise in your Alton, IL home that was coming from the pipes or plumbing? Some common sounds that you hear are banging pipes, showerheads whistling, popping sounds coming from your home’s water heater, and even gurgling noises coming from the drains. We know that these noises can be irritating, […]


When you’re relaxing in your Alton, IL home, have you ever heard any strange noises coming from your plumbing system? These can be pretty common when it comes to plumbing problems. The most typical sounds of issues would be sounds of banging pipes, a whistling shower head, popping sounds coming from your water heater, or […]