Common Misconceptions of Plumbers in Fairview Heights, IL

You may have heard a thing or two about the plumbers in the area if you’re new to Fairview Heights, IL. Some of the feedback may be positive, while the other could be negative. How do you discern fact from fiction when you’ve had no experience working with a plumber in the area? You do your research by inquiring about the services provided by different plumbing companies, gauging their responses, and formulating your opinion based on the information provided to you during your initial phone call.

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Why You Should Never Listen to Hearsay About Plumbers

People often give you advice as a way of saving you from learning a hard lesson. They may not know much about working with plumbers or heard a story told to them by someone else concerning a person’s plumbing company experience. Whatever the case may be, it made them feel compelled to tell you about a plumber and whatever fallacy they believed to be correct at the moment. Without challenging their belief, you skipped over a business because you bought into the hype.

Unfortunately, you’re not the first person, nor will you be the last to do so. We thought it would be helpful to discuss some of the myths surrounding plumbers rather than cost a company business. That way, you know what could be true and what most likely isn’t.

Some common misconceptions of plumbers in Fairview Heights, IL are:

  • They’re too expensive for me to use regularly. That isn’t entirely true. Some plumbers provide flat-rate pricing the way that we do. It puts the customer’s needs first by being budget-friendly and accessible. Plumbers love loyal customers and often offer incentives for doing business with them.
  • It’s a fly-by-night business with inexperienced contractors. Some companies are family-owned-and-operated. They’ve been in business for years the way our company has. Being a plumber takes skill, training, and commitment. It’s not something you become overnight, nor is it a way for you to stay in business if you don’t serve your customers well.
  • They only work during the day. Most plumbers provide emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A daytime shift isn’t the only time a professional works. They likely work 365 days a year, including holidays when other people are off.
  • No Guarantees. Plumbers do make promises to their customers. They guarantee their work as a way of building trust. No customer wants to pay twice for the same repair. Very few plumbers don’t offer a guarantee because they know it’s something that people look for when choosing a professional to work on their home’s plumbing.

Misconceptions can cost companies a lot of business. Before you believe something someone else has to say about plumbers in the area, do your homework. You don’t need to let hearsay affect your ability to pick out the right contractor to work on your home. By learning what you can about a company and trusting your gut after making contact with them, you’ll experience what it means to be a valued customer.

Why Call Darwyn’s Plumbing for Your Plumbing Needs

Don’t let a misconception about plumbers in Fairview Heights IL prevent you from receiving the help you deserve. Contact us today to schedule the plumbing service of your choice. We take every request that we receive seriously. Having working plumbing inside the home is an asset that you shouldn’t take for granted. We make sure that you’re not without working plumbing for any longer than you need to be.

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