Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair

The Local Belleville, IL Experts for Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair

One may wonder where our plumbing systems would be without the garbage disposal. These wonderful machines chop food waste particles so fine that they won’t get caught in the pipes. However, the garbage disposal is, in and of itself, a kitchen appliance that needs occasional repair and proper maintenance. At Darwyn’s, we are the garbage disposal experts that offer installation and repair from knowledgeable technicians. Call for more details about repair and service!

Garbage Disposal Installation

Broken garbage disposal? Time for a new model that actually shreds the food? Contact Darwyn’s for the installation of the new disposal. Additionally, our trained techs know the ins and outs of plumbing systems, and we use our experience to provide the best possible recommendation for a new disposal that’s based on your specific needs. Then, we provide complete installation and won’t leave until you understand how to safely operate and maintain your disposal.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposals break and clog and malfunction just like any other piece of equipment in your kitchen. Luckily, you know the professional at Darwyn’s that have the skills and tools needed to provide repairs and get your disposal working again. From simple repairs to major replacements, count on us if your disposal experiences the following problems:

• Jammed
• Clogged
• Leaking
• Loss of Power
• Faulty Motor
• Broken Flywheel
• Poorly Maintained
• Poorly Installed

***Remember – always unplug your disposal before attempting any DIY repairs ***