Having a garbage disposal unit in your Maryville, IL home allows you to get rid of select food waste easily into your sink. This does add some convenience to your kitchen cleanup, there is a chance of it possibly leaking. Garbage disposals can leak for many reasons, but here we have the most common causes of these leaks and where they stem from.

garbage disposal

Leaking From the Top

Your sink flange is the piece of sink that connects the garbage disposal to the sink drain Garbage disposals are typically connected to your sink via the flange and with plumber’s putty. Leaks can commonly occur here when the connection between the flange and drain are not tight enough or the connection has corroded over time. Here’s what to do if you think your connection is failing:

Leaking From the Side

In many instances, the drainpipe from the dishwasher is connected to the garbage disposal. This drainpipe will remove all of the excess food debris and water from the dishwasher into the garbage disposal. Things to check to see if they are the cause of possible leaking include:

Leaking From the Bottom

garbage disposal

Depending on the use and age of your garbage disposal, it could be worn out. This can lead to internal damage, which can lead to leaks. If your garbage disposal is leaking from the bottom (not just dripping from a higher area) the cause is most likely the disposal itself. There are some internal seals that can wear down over time, which leads to leaks and disposal failure. Some things to check for in case of bottom leaks include:

We know that fixing a garbage disposal leak isn’t always a difficult task. However, if you are unsure, make sure to contact the professionals. When your garbage disposal or sink needs to be repaired, contact us at Darwyn’s Plumbing to make sure the job gets done the first time.