How to Deal With Frozen Pipes at Your Belleville, IL Home

Frozen pipes are a very real possibility during extremely cold winter weather. A burst pipe can cause financial havoc since several hundred gallons of water per hour can be released which equals thousands of dollars of damage to your Belleville, IL home. You typically find that pipes are more likely to freeze when they’re located in a cabinet under a sink, in an outside wall or in an unheated space. Not all hope is lost however; there are a few techniques that you can try to unfreeze your pipes, depending on where the frozen pipe is located.

frozen pipe

First Things First, Locate Your Frozen Pipe.

A frozen pipe that hasn’t burst tends to reveal itself at a faucet and then it’s time to take action immediately:

1. Stop the water to the faucet either at a local level or at the main water shutoff valve at your home
2. Open the faucet that’s supplied via the frozen pipe
3. Identify the frozen pipe and find the blockage

Thawing a Frozen Pipe Behind a Wall

You have three main options for this location.

1. Turn up your heating in the home and wait to see if it “defrosts”.
2. Cut out a section of the ceiling or wall to access the frozen area of the pipe, then thaw as an exposed pipe.
3. Make use of an infrared lamp to heat the wall section in front of where you believe the pipe has frozen. These lamps are better than normal heat lamps since they pass through the air without heating it which will provide more direct heat to the frozen pipe.

Thawing an Exposed Frozen Pipe

If your frozen pipe is exposed, you have many options for thawing it.

1. Hair dryer: This is the simplest and safest way to unfreeze your pipe. If your pipe is located close to a wall, then place a cookie sheet directly behind the pipe to help radiate the heat when using the hairdryer.

2. Heat lamp: An infrared or incandescent heat lamp works well in this situation and as before, if your pipe is located close to a wall, use the cookie sheet to help reflect the heat onto the frozen pipe.

3. Portable heater: Use a powerful, yet small heater for warming pipes under a kitchen cabinet. You should direct the heater onto the frozen area of the pipe.

By following these tips, you can help unfreeze pipes at your Belleville, IL home. However, if things don’t go to plan and you need some professional assistance, then get in touch with Darwyn’s Plumbing, who will help fix your plumbing system with qualified plumbers in the Belleville, IL area.

thawing frozen pipes in Belleville IL