As we all know, this type of year in Granite City, IL leads to heavy rains, which can lead to some flooding in some areas. A properly working sump pump makes all the difference in whether your home stays safe during the torrential rains during these spring storms. If you are able to test your homes sump pump, make sure it’s working by using this method.

Simple Maintenance For Your Home’s Sump Pump

pipe cleaning

Find the pipes that are outside of your house that catches the water as it drains from the pump. Make sure that the inside of the pipe is free of dirt and debris. This is because it can clog the drain, cause more issues in the long run.

Fill a large cooking pot or a 5-gallon bucket with water. After doing this slowly pour the water into the sump pit and survey the water levels through the pit. The float on the sump is supposed to rise, kicking on the pump before the water level reaches the top of the pit. As the pit empties, the system will then turn off. If the pump does not turn off/on automatically or the float doesn’t rise, you should get the pump further inspected.

Also, it may seem like common sense, but makes sure that the sump pump is plugged into a properly working outlet. Otherwise, you will have to call the plumber for a simple fix.


Heavy storms can lead to power outages and other issues, which of course can be a headache to homeowners in Granite City, IL.  This is especially an issue for your sump pump as this system relies on electricity to run. If your power goes out that means your pump stops working. This is why we suggest that homeowners get a battery back-up system for their sump pumps, as an extra line of defense.

Always remember that If you are having any issues with your homes sump pump, give our team at Darwyn’s Plumbing a call today! We will help you with any and all of your plumbing issues.