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Have things come to a halt because of a faulty plumbing system? Call a local plumber from your trusted contractor to ensure friendly customer service and expert repairs. At Darwyn’s Plumbing, we provide plumbing contractors that perform repairs in Granite City, IL and throughout the surrounding areas. Our family-owned business understands the frustration of a plumbing system that you can’t rely on. That’s why we are here, to provide expert repairs when you need them most. Additionally, we offer a staff with over 25 years of experience to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers. Contact us to get started!

 granite city illinois local plumber

Local Plumber Serving Granite City, IL

Those in the Granite City, IL area know the local plumber to call for all of their plumbing needs. Darwyn’s offers friendly and skilled techs that provide a variety of plumbing services for all commercial and residential properties. Additionally, we know that just about anything could go wrong with your system, and we know what it takes to solve all plumbing problems. Our services include:

• General Plumbing
• Drain Cleaning
• Sewer Service

• Septic Tank Service
• Water Heater Repair & Installation
• Sump Pump Repair & Installation

• Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation
• Kitchen Remodeling
• Bathroom Remodeling

local plumber granite city il

Drain Cleaning Granite City, IL

Floor Drain Cleaning – It’s an uncommon fact that your floor drains can clog just as much as other drains. Located in your basement, garage or laundry room, we can provide complete drain cleaning for floor drains.
Kitchen Drain Cleaning – There’s almost no end to the amount of things that can clog the drains in this high-traffic area of the home. Check out the list below for common clogs and things that you should keep out of your sink drain!
Bathroom Drain Cleaning – From the shower drain to the toilet and sink, plenty of opportunities exist for drains to become clogged. We have the tools and knowledgeable technicians to get your system moving again.

Common Drain Clogs

• Tampons
• Hair
• Condoms
• Facial Tissues

• Waste Buildup
• Sanitary Pads
• Sanitary Wipes
• Soap Scum

• Sauces, Broth & Drippings
• Fruit & Vegetable Skins
• Fat

• Grease
• Food Waste
• Coffee Grounds

Symptoms of Clogged Drains

• Leaking Pipes
• Poor Water Pressure

• Foul Smells
• Plumbing Backups

• Burst Pipes

• Slow Drains

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Sewer & Septic Service in Granite City, IL

From a broken sewer line to the installation of a brand new septic system, Darwyn’s has all the skills to provide sewer and septic service at your home or business. Don’t risk it by hiring the other guys; call us for true professionals that know the ins and outs of all sewer and septic systems, allowing us to provide the following services:

• Piping
• Repiping
• Drain Cleaning

• Water Jetting
• Sewer Jetting
• Sewer Service

• Sewer Cleaning
• Trenchless Sewer Repair
• Sewer Line Repair

• Sewer Line Installation
• Tree Root Removal
• Video Sewer Inspections

water heater repair granite city il

Installation & Repair of Water Heaters in Granite City, IL

A broken water heater can cause serious problems for any home or business. Whether it’s a problem with your expansion tank or your pilot light has gone out, Darwyn’s is here with local plumbers for fast repairs and expert installations to ensure your problems are solved fast. We service all makes and models of conventional and tankless water heaters. The services that we offer include:

• Water Heater Installation
• Water Heater Repair

• Water Heater Maintenance
• Tankless Water Heaters

• Conventional Water Heaters

• Water Heater Expansion Tanks

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Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling in the Granite City, IL

Does your kitchen take you back to an earlier time? Ditch your outdated décor for a new look. Darwyn’s offers kitchen and bathroom remodeling services for homes and businesses. Whether it’s getting rid of old appliances or redoing your kitchen countertops, you can count on excellent service from true professionals when you call us!

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Why Choose Darwyn’s Plumbing, Inc.

At Darwyn’s, you can trust that we understand how important your business is. You could take your money anywhere in the Granite City, IL area, but people choose us because of our dedication to quality service, friendly customer care and affordable rates. Read below for just a few of the reasons that people throughout the Metro-East keep choosing us!

• Family Owned & Operated since 2010
• Decades of Industry Experience

• 24-Hour Emergency Plumbing
• Commercial & Residential Service

• Residential Homes & Residential Complexes
• Service Agreements Available

local plumber granite city illinois

Our Reviews

Jason Cato – Facebook Reviews

“Quick response, super-fast service, didn’t dilly-dally around, and the price wasn’t that bad. Customer service was prompt and courteous.”

Regina B. – Google Reviews

“These guys might get tired of me calling. From a little problem to a big problem they always get the job done. They are always on time and do great work.”

Charles R. – Google Reviews

“Excellent company! Darwyn replaced my hot water heater the same day the warranty company delivered it (adjusting their schedule to do so), and the technicians were super-friendly. Afterward, they cleaned up the job site immaculately and were extremely professional in every aspect. Recommend!”