Here Are the Most Common Reasons You Need Pipe Repair

If you’ve ever needed pipe repair service, you know it can be a real hassle. Whether a pipe has burst in your walls and caused major water damage or a sewer line ruptured in the yard and left a stinky mess to clean up, pipe breaks are never a welcome problem. However, it is possible to prevent some of these problems through proper monitoring and maintenance. With this in mind, here are some of the most common pipe breaks and what you can do to prevent pipe problems in the future. Call the experts at Darwyn’s Plumbing for more information!

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Increased Water Pressure

This is one of the most common reasons that pipes burst. A pipe is only big enough and can only withstand so much water pressure. When the pressure increases above what the pipe will hold, it’s not uncommon to see broken pipes. Water pressure can increase for a number of reasons including clogs and blockages in other plumbing systems connected to the same sewer system. However, intense increases in water pressure are usually due to problems in your own system.


The weather is another thing that commonly causes pipes to break. The freeze-thaw cycle is notorious for this. When water in the pipes freezes, it expands. After melting, the pressure is too great for the pipe to hold it, causing cracks and leaks that could produce serious water damage. Insulate pipes to avoid frozen pipes that are at risk of bursting.

Blockages & Clogs

Clogs and blockages are two huge reasons that pipes burst, and it has to do with the flow of water. With a blocked pipe, the water pressure may increase to the point that it ruptures the pipe. In the same way, a clog will cause a back up of water, and with nowhere else to go, it could cause the pipe to break, giving way to a leak.


Some pipes may simply break due to old age, especially in older neighborhoods. In earlier days, sewer lines were constructed of clay and other materials that grew more brittle as the years wore on. The decay of these materials and changes in the earth underneath the surface could put pressure on the pipes that cause them to crack.

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The final common reason for pipe breaks has to do with exposure to physical damage from plumbers, sewer workers and more. It’s unfortunate, and accidents and missteps happen and may cause damage to the surrounding plumbing systems and components.

Know the Signs of Pipe Breaks

• A serious decrease in water pressure
• Water backups inside the home
• Water spots on ceilings and walls
• Loss of water to one or multiple parts of the home