Prevent Drain and Pipe Problems With Camera Inspection in O’Fallon, IL

Clogged pipes and drains in O’Fallon, IL, can be very problematic. A blockage causes water and sewage to back up. Unless the plumber reveals the source of the issue right away, it can take them a great deal of time and effort to detect the issue. Even once they’ve discovered what’s causing it, it’s difficult to see the exact placement of the item without a closer look.
So, what is a plumber looking for when they send a special camera down a drain or pipe? You’ll learn what the most common causes of blockages are by reading further. It’s something we discuss in detail below.

What Does a Plumber Do with a Camera?

A camera inspection can prevent pipe and drain problems from worsening. A plumbing company comes to your residence and takes a look to see what the problem is. They’re able to see what’s blocking the drain or pipe with greater ease. The camera bends so that it doesn’t get stuck. Like a plumber’s snake, it’s flexible.

Having the best tech tools available allows plumbing companies to prevent drain and pipe problems that worsen because they go undetected for an extended period. Using a camera helps the plumber see into spaces that they ordinarily wouldn’t be able to peer into and determine the best course of action from there.

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The Most Common Sources of Blockages

The most common blockages that people experience in their homes are often related to hair, remnants of soap, children’s toys, and food waste. Tree roots can be an issue, too, because they grow into pipes and cause a clog that is nearly impossible to see. The plumber tries to snake the problem but cannot always get past a blockage.

That’s when the camera comes out. Being able to inspect the pipes and drains for possible issues internally has its advantages. It’s impossible to detect a problem with the naked eye. When the plumber places the camera into the pipes or drains, and it comes up on the issue, the plumber can discover the course of action that best takes care of the clog.

A blockage prevents waste and water from traveling down the pipe. It causes it to get stuck in the pipe and back-up into sinks and bathtubs. In some cases, flushing the toilet prevents the nasty stuff from going down.

It overflows onto the floor where you must clean it up. If you’ve ever stood in toilet water trying to clean up a mess that you would have first not had to deal with, you know just how necessary preventative measures are to take to prevent drain and pipe problems.

Take Care of the Problem Before It Worsens with the Help of a Camera Inspection

The camera inspection in O’Fallon, IL, is highly beneficial. It allows you to learn about a potential blockage before it worsens. It gives the plumbing company that comes out to snake the drain a better view of the item that is clogging the pipe. Investing in this type of service has its advantages.

Darwyn’s Plumbing can help you take care of the issue by providing you with thorough inspections that involve the use of a camera. Technology makes it possible for no clog to go undetected. Getting to the root (or tree root) of the problem is possible thanks to the equipment we possess.

Contact us today to schedule the repair work and camera inspection. You can call us at (618) 337-9322. We’re available to assist you with your request and can come to your home right away to see what is causing the blockage in your drain or pipe.

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