What to Do About That Faulty Garbage Disposal

When it comes to cleaning up after we cook, the garbage disposal can seem like a gift from heaven, allowing you to seamlessly wash away all that nasty food waste. Unfortunately, this may be causing you more harm than good, putting unneeded stress on your disposal and putting it at risk of malfunctioning. Your garbage disposal won’t last forever, but how do you know when it’s time for a replacement and when you just need simple repairs? Below, we’ll do a rundown of some of the most common garbage disposal problems, and whether or not you should replace or repair!

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Problem: You’re Always Pressing the Reset Button

Are you always reaching down to press the reset button on your disposal? This could mean that there’s a larger problem with your specific disposal. The reset button can pop out for any number of reasons, but it shouldn’t do so on a regular basis. A trained plumber can help you with the repairs, but it may be best to just replace it.

Verdict: Replace

Problem: The Garbage Disposal Is Old

Sometimes things get old – that’s life. However, when it happens to your disposal, you’ll experience dulled blades, frequent clogging, breakdowns and other problems. If the years are starting to add up, along with the repair bills, it’s better to install a new disposal.

Verdict: Replace

Problem: The Disposal Keeps Clogging Up

This is a problem – it’s a problem with how you’re using your disposal. Listen, people; the garbage disposal isn’t some magical tool that you can use to make things go away when you do the dishes. Whatever you put in it gets ground up into tiny pieces that stick to each other and the inside of your disposal. To fix this problem, stop using your garbage disposal as a garbage can, and put only clean water down it.

Verdict: Repair

Problem: Water Leaks When I Use the Disposal

One problem that people report having is water leaking when they’re using their disposal. This can only be one of two things: first, the disposal itself is leaking due to a crack, failed seal or something else. Or, it may be due to failing pipes or fittings that connect your disposal to the sewer system. Our advice? Call a plumber to find the source of the leak or find it yourself before making any decisions.

Verdict: Both

Problem: My Disposal Smells Horrible

This, once again, is a problem that you are causing. Stop putting food in there and letting it break down. The bacteria that break down old food is what’s causing the smell. Do everyone a favor – clean your system out every once in a while and stop shredding all your food waste in your garbage disposal.

Verdict: Repair

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