Toilet Replacements

Toilet Replacements in Belleville, IL

When it comes to toilet replacements, you may not be able to do this job yourself. Toilets are heavy, awkward-shaped and can be difficult to install. That’s why people in the Belleville, IL area trust the experts at Darwyn’s Plumbing for all their toilet replacement needs. We offer skilled techs that have experience with all types of toilets. Whether you’re replacing for practical or aesthetic purposes, we’ve got the tools to help you!

New Toilets

Toilets can be the unsung heroes of our homes. You don’t think about them until you can’t use it. When you need a new toilet, there’s no better company than Darwyn’s for easy replacement. Contact our staff for toilet replacement if you’re having any of the following problems.

• Leaking
• Decreased Efficiency
• Uncomfortable
• Physical Damage
• Outdated

Bathroom Remodeling

Sometimes you have to do things for aesthetically pleasing reasons. While we think of a toilet as a plumbing fixture, it’s actually part of the décor too. This means it should match the spatial and design needs of the bathroom. At Darwyn’s, we can accommodate these things with a toilet replacement. We work with all types of toilets include:

• One-Piece Toilets – One-piece is the traditional toilet that’s found in most homes and businesses. These come in a variety of shapes, colors, heights, widths, etc.

• Two-Piece Toilets – Two-piece toilets are less common. The bowl is detached from the tank, which is mounted on the wall, and they can be troublesome to install.

• Intelligent Toilets – These can be one or two-piece toilets, and they involve some smart features that include LED lighting, heated seats, ultra efficiency settings and more.

• Wall-Mounted – Wall-mounted toilets are the most aesthetically pleasing and involve a tall, slender tank that’s inside of the wall, hidden from sight. These are most difficult to install.