Tub & Shower Replacements

Your Belleville, IL Source for Tub & Shower Replacement Service

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Don’t spend that time in an ugly bathroom that you don’t like or an impractical bathroom that wastes water. Contact Darwyn’s Plumbing for the help you need when it comes to tubs and showers. We provide complete removal and replacement service and strive to fulfill all of your needs. Whether you’re replacing an old tub that doesn’t match the décor or you’re tired of cleaning up a flood after every bath, know that we’re the people you need with the skills to help!

Bathtub Replacement

When it comes to a new bathtub, there are many things that you’ll have to think about if you want the perfect fit for your bathroom. Among the factors to consider are how much space you have, what style you want, what color you need, and more. Available styles include:

• Free-Standing – this style includes claw-foot tubs and involves the tub being completely separated from the wall.

• Alcove – this is the most common style that you think of, and it’s found in homes all over the place.

• Drop-In – this is similar to a freestanding tub, except the tub is literally dropped into to an encasement that’s built for that specific tub.

• Corner – this type of tub is self-explanatory. It’s a tub that’s situation in the corner of a room – many times these allow for more space for a larger tub.

Shower Replacement

Showers come in many shapes and sizes. At Darwyn’s, we help you understand the limitation of your space, and we use our skills to fulfill your design needs as it pertains to space, style, materials, color, etc. Feel free to contact our staff with questions about how we can make your bathroom a better place for you!