Have you ever heard a strange noise in your Alton, IL home that was coming from the pipes or plumbing? Some common sounds that you hear are banging pipes, showerheads whistling, popping sounds coming from your home’s water heater, and even gurgling noises coming from the drains. We know that these noises can be irritating, but they also can indicate an error in the efficiency of your system. Check out our tips below for how to deal with the plumbing noises that you may hear in your home.


Banging Pipes

Water pipes are commonly made of metal and can easily make vibrations or noises throughout your Alton, IL home. A reason for having an excess banging may be due to an obstruction in the pipes or improperly secured pipes. If there is an obstruction in your home’s pipes, you will have to remove the blockage. This will allow for your water to have a smoother flow and minimize the banging noise.

Whistling Showerhead Noise

A whistling noise coming from your shower is commonly caused by a clogged showerhead. To fix this, remove the showerhead and clean it. This helps remove buildup and deposits that may be a contributing factor to the noise. If your showerhead is still making noise after cleaning it, you may want to look into replacing it.

Popping Water Heater

A loud popping sound from your water heater can indicate that there is a buildup of sediment. Without proper maintenance of your water heater, limescale and other deposits will begin to form along the sides of the tank. This creates a sediment barrier when water is being heated. Sediment buildup will reduce the efficiency of your system. Unfortunately, this increases energy costs and results in longer wait times for hot water.

Gurgling Drain Noise

When you flush your toilet, does your home sink or shower drain gurgle? If so, this could mean you could be dealing with one of the following:


If you experience any of the following issues, please feel free to contact our team. We at Darwyn’s Plumbing are here to assist you with all of your plumbing needs. Make sure to give us a call to help you with any and all of your plumbing issues.