Not many think that a pipe burst could not happen in their O’Fallon, IL home. A busted pipe is one of the worst inconveniences. If you have experienced a busted pipe and struggle with how to take your next steps, we have some helpful hints on what to do.

Turn Off Your Main Water Valve:

One thing that will happen with a busted pipe is water damage. One of the fastest ways to prevent water damage is to stop the main source of the water. This is known as the main water valve. Not sure where this could be? Please check your basement or even under your kitchen sink.

pipe burst

Draining the Pipes:

 An important thing to do to make sure that you are getting the remaining water out of the pipes is by flushing each toilet. Once you can flush these, you will need to run the cold side of the faucets dry. This will ensure that your pipes are drained and there is not any more water leaking into the home and causing even more damage.

Turning Off The Hot Water Heater:

After you have your system shut down. You will need to drain all the hot water from your faucets. Go to each sink and bathroom and run all hot water sides until they are completely empty.

Turn Off the Electric:

Depending on where your pipe did burst, potential water could have to meet electrical outlets or possibly, your fuse box. To ensure your family’s safety, make sure you are shutting off these systems as soon as possible.

Find Out Which Pipe Has Burst:

If you had a large pipe burst, it is simple to then find the source. When dealing with a smaller leak, this could take a second to find. Take a look for bulges in your ceilings, possibly pooling water on the floor or even water under your sink. If you have been able to find the leak right away, try to contain it as much as possible with a bucket or something else to let the water leak into.

Figure Out the Size and Call your Plumber:

Some pipes that burst can result in small cracks that may be able to be repaired using commercial tape. Homeowners, however, should be careful since a busted pipe that is repaired poorly can cause even more damage. It is highly recommended to then hire a professional to take care of the repairs or replacing the pipe altogether.

Take Pictures of the Damage:

Once you have the damage sustained as best as you can, take pictures of the different holes and other potential problems around the home. This will be rewarding in the long run to have so that you can file an insurance claim.

Pipe burst

Cleaning Up Water Damage and Avoiding Mold Growth:

When depending on the size of the possible leak, you may possibly need to hire a professional cleanup service who will use wet-dry vacs and even heavy-duty fans to dry carpets and the drywall.

Like we said before, a broken pipe is something we know is not what anyone wants to deal with in their homes. However, if this were to happen to you, calling Darwyn’s Plumbing will be your best bet. Our team is highly trained to take on any pipe damage and can do so with quickness and with ease. If you have noticed any further damage to your home from a busted pipe or are not sure how to fix the mess, make an appointment today with our team! We are always happy to help.